SEBRA - Sentral brukeradministrasjon

Creating user account is a 3 step process:

    1. Register your request for user account
    2. Approver at your department process your request
    3. Create your user account

Local "godkjenner"/approver recieves an email with request for processing of your request when you click the confirm button at the request page. Your request must be approved before you can proceed to step 3

You need to provide the following personal information in step 1 of the process:

     [1] Name
     [2] Telephone Number (if applicable)
     [3] Date of Birth
     [4] Social Security Number(if any)
     [5] Pincode
     [6] Work place
     [7] Position

It is possible to leave out 4 above, but we strongly recommend that you fill in the number if you have one. Otherwise you could experience trouble in logging in to systems like Cristin and Pagaweb.

In step 1 above you will be presented (please print this page) for 3 codes which you have to use to create user account, step 3 of the process:

     (1) 11 digits personal identification number
     (2) registration code
     (3) 4 digits of own choice PIN (which you must remember)

Personal identification number (1), registration code (2) and PIN (3) are necessary for the user account creation.
Please print out the page where they are presented and store them in a safe place

Your request for an account has to be approved by one of the approvers assigned at your place of work [6] before you can create the account. You have to provide the 3 necessary codes to create your user account in step 3.

You can check the status of your request here. You must enter the registration code you received in step 1.

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